Supercharge Your Website Conversion Rate

Optimizing Your Website's Landing Page

By Partner, Matthew James Creative

There are three main goals of SEO: Increase Rankings, Increase Traffic, and Increase Conversions. A correct SEO program will focus on all three. But what good are great site rankings and top-positioned, select targeted keywords if visitors aren’t entering the site? What good is it to have an abundance of unqualified visitor traffic if nobody is specifically looking for your product or aren’t navigating your site to learn more about your products or services? Yes, you may be receiving some conversions, that is, visitors who completed a goal or call-to-action on your website. Some visitors might be completing a contact form or submitting a request, others may be making purchases, but what is your conversion rate? And more importantly, what are you doing to increase it? Although each metric is fundamental, your conversions and your conversion rate are the most important metrics and should be your website’s #1 goal. Why? The conversion rate provides an accurate overall measurement of your website’s effectiveness at engaging visitors and generating sales.

Increasing a website’s conversion rate relies directly on Landing Page Optimization. This includes everything from the message, to the design, to the programming. If you take it one step further and add strategically selected keywords, great content, and properly implemented on-page SEO, you will create a full site of bullet-proof landing pages, optimized to retain and convert both organic and PPC traffic.

There are three main parts to landing page optimization:
Marketing, Design, and Programming.
Marketing Strategy
Your message should clearly articulate the products and services offered with simple but compelling headlines. Easy to navigate, benefit-oriented content and frequent direct call-to-actions will compliment and communicate your message effectively. Social media integration, including links to your own educational product videos, will strengthen your communication channels and direct your audience to specific marketing funnels.
Website Design
Your page layout should be a compelling, uncluttered design with bold, contrasting and easy to find buttons that link deeper within your conversion funnel. The more professional the design and ease of navigation, the more positive online visitor experience and user interest.
Seamless Programming
Your site pages need to have an optimal backend for speed and accessibility. This allows the information on the pages to load quickly on any device, whether using a desktop computer, tablet or a smartphone. Consider a responsive design that serves all with the capability of reformatting your content to fit any device.

When you have implemented these fundamentals in your site, whether it’s a complete redesign or a modification of your current content, test it, run experiments and analyze your metrics. You will reap the rewards of a more dynamic and engaging website while you increase your conversions and sales.

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