Content Marketing Can Be King

Create Compelling Content to Engage Your Audience

Trying to get the attention of your target market is harder today than it has ever been. Traditional marketing just isn't enough, advertising campaigns have morphed into integrated communication strategies that include your website, Internet marketing, SEO, social media, and most importantly for many, Content Marketing. The best Content Marketing connects you to your target market channels and beyond. It can be extremely effective in building an audience that will build your business today and tomorrow. But this is only true if you create a hub of wide-reaching, valuable, integrated content your audience needs to solve their everyday challenges. Whether it’s a single page or a featured section, here are some tips on how to create compelling content to engage your audience:

Understand Your Client’s Challenges
Identify and sympathize with your audience. Content Marketing starts with a keen understanding of your customers’ needs. With this, you will emerge as someone who understands and is also the knowledgeable expert who can find solutions for their particular challenges. When writing your copy the headline and opening paragraph is most important and needs to include your key phrases to attract and connect with your audience. They will be looking for this. You can also build credibility and long-term loyalty by offering solutions other than the brand of products or services you represent. Remember everyone wants solutions for their problems, if you can provide these without trying to sell your products, you will turn your readers into followers then to customers.

Entertain Your Audience
Tell the stories. Make them interesting and fun. Inspire your readers. Pull emotions out of them so every one is excited and interested to come back and read more about what you have to say. As stated earlier, it’s competitive out there. The companies that are entertaining, connecting and educating consistently shall garner the attention.

Be Different
Get creative. Include information that is interesting and different from everyone else. You won’t gain much attention discussing the same topics the same way as everyone else. Give your readers something extra that the others in your industry don’t provide, perhaps some unusual facts, a series of photos or a different perspective on the topic. Take the extra steps to give more so your prospects will return to you and not your competitor.

Inspire Action
Suggest ways for them to act on their challenges. Propose quick resource remedies to your audience where they can find answers to questions or challenges. Your advice will help build credibility with them and some may just purchase your products or services down the road.

Be Consistent
This is where many companies fail. Don’t view content marketing as a campaign. There is no end. It’s a long-term strategy and commitment to your customers that takes resources, creativity and lots of effort. The more consistent you are with providing compelling content to your audience the more valuable of a resource you are to them. You are building the trust of prospective customers that might buy from you today, tomorrow or nextyear.

Integrate traditional advertising, Internet marketing, SEO and Content Marketing to maximize brand awareness, lead generation, website conversions and ROI. Together, these strategies will communicate at different levels to provide a stronger, consistent message to your current and prospective customers.

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