We see them all of the time as we search.

We aren’t explicitly searching for them, but they appear. They’re integrated into various company rankings and informative article postings about our desired searches. More and more companies are producing them because it enables a powerful story to be told about their products or services. You can see how products are made and then see them in action. Learn why companies have been in business for 80 years and why they are the best in what they do. Yes, videos. Videos allow us to position our products and services dynamically, stimulating our prospective customer's senses to the point of interest and beyond. It's a long-term, organic approach to SEO, but videos will enable another avenue for you to position your company ahead of your competitors on the Internet. Here are some techniques and strategies you can implement to increase your visibility rank and qualify visitor traffic with video SEO.

The most critical SEO element to incorporate on your website is high-quality content.

As with many companies today, you should have a series of corporate, educational, and/or product videos on your company's YouTube Page. These videos don't need a high production value to be considered rank-worthy. Instead, videos with intelligent, insightful, and valuable content for your targeted audience will create the visibility, rank, and traffic you want. Sure, higher-end videos sometimes capture attention and stimulate the senses, but if they don’t contain pertinent content, guess who's not coming back? You need to entertain while educating your target market. Possible video options include helping your audience solve common industry challenges, providing tips to stay efficient and on track, or educating them on a new product or service that will benefit their business efforts and bottom line. These videos can be as simple as one of your company experts talking about specific solutions for industry challenges on a whiteboard. Or, if you are showcasing a product being made, a well-scripted voiceover can explain the features and benefits of your products that make them exclusive to the challenges customers face. In many cases, clean, entertaining video with text works for many products.

After your videos are produced, you'll need to consider your video hosting options.

YouTube is ubiquitous and easy to use. It's a great hosting option because Google owns it and has a very high domain authority, which provides a more significant opportunity to increase your SEO video rank with selected keywords. We will discuss a way to "tie" these two together, keywords and videos, a little later. Another opportunity with using YouTube to host your videos is you can include content about your website with targeted backlinks to specific pages within your site on your YouTube video's page. This will direct prospective customers to exactly what interests them. An SEO video strategy will increase your online visibility, create a higher rank, and provide qualified visitor traffic for increased sales and a very nice ROI.

If you currently have multiple videos housed in a resource library or otherwise not directly linked within your site, always include a video site map so search engines can quickly identify each of your video landing pages.

This will ensure you receive the content credit your website deserves, and the search engines can provide the proper resource value to your site. After all, content is king.

Another strategy with your videos is to organize them in some way, either by their product, solution, or industry, on your primary video library or landing page.

Then, create a separate dedicated landing page for each video in your library. This technique will allow you to multiply your content while providing on-page SEO keywords/triggers on every website with a video. Plus, visitors now have the organization needed to find what they are looking for quickly, and they are more likely to stay with your site and return in the future.

Now, back to "tying" your keywords in a video to the video itself to help increase the possibility of ranking its complete content.

Here's the strategy: Because (HTML text) content plays a significant role in ranking, most videos, or the pages they're on, are missing out. Always include a description of the video, a summary of the video, and a transcript of the video as text in your HTML of the landing page for a rich source of short- and long-tailed keywords and fully developed content. Search engines see 100% of the content and rank accordingly. You have increased your site's opportunities to be seen as a significant resource for targeted industries. This also offers another way to communicate to your website visitors by allowing them to read or visually scan the video script at their own pace or after viewing the video itself.

Allow your clients, fans, and other third-party websites the opportunity to embed and share your resourceful videos.

You will get another coveted backlink and the reinforcing recognition of being an industry expert.

When your videos are set and published.

Share them on social media. Implement your completed videos in all your social channels and regularly include a quick description and backlink to each specific video landing page. If you follow these suggestions, you might find one of your videos ranking well with your next short—or long-tailed keyword search, which will help increase your qualified traffic and online sales.

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