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Why MJC For Your Pittsburgh SEO?

We are a Pittsburgh SEO company that knows SEO, branding and integration. Complete branding and integration. Why is branding and integration so important? To some degree, search engines have always rewarded the websites with the highest quality, most compelling content, with the best rankings. This is happening now more then ever. In 2012, there were many benchmark changes implemented for SEO. The spring saw the release of Penguin and an aggressive Google penalization for having and performing low-quality link-building tactics. This happens to be the most common services from typical SEO companies. Google now more than ever rewards excellently branded, exceptionally built, well-designed and integrated websites that provide an optimal user experience, with high rankings. These practices, just so happen to be exactly what MJC does. 

Most importantly today, both consumers and search engines want and expect interactive Integrated engagement from websites. This has caused the SEO landscape to change and the current SEO trend can be defined by Search Marketing Integration (SMI).

Search Marketing Integration (SMI)

Search Marketing Integration is becoming the pre-requisite if you want your site to rank on the first page for specific short- or long-tailed keywords. Search Marketing Integration is the integration of branded copy and content on a website, optimized around your keyword list with integrated social media, i.e. YouTube, Facebook and others for your target market first and search engines second to create captivating integrated content.

The two most impactful ways to integrate SMI for your brand is through Video Integration and Social Media Integration.

Video Integration

Videos are one of the fastest growing social medias used and they are very influential when it comes to SEO. Global internet video traffic will make up 54 percent of all consumer internet traffic in 2016. This has increased from 51 percent in 2011. YouTube has grown to become the second most popular search engine. Google is now recognizing videos on YouTube as a resource and they have the ability to rank in addition to and above your website pages. Videos communicate the benefits and advantages of your products and services more efficiently than pdf's, blogs or page content. More than ever B-to-B technology decision makers are watching online videos for information. MJC not only produces and edits your corporate videos, we make them work for you.

Social Media in SEO

A well managed social program positively impacts your online marketing and advertising efforts including your search visibility and rank. From sales leads to after the sale customer service, social media has impacted the way search engines track and rank your website as a resource. Today, it is as important to maintain your social media presence with videos on YouTube and content on your company Facebook and Linkedin pages as it is to having a correctly designed and programmed website with a properly managed SEO campaign. 

It all goes back to Your SEO Content & Architecture

Content is the most important aspect of a Search Marketing Integration campaign. Creating captivating content and implementing it correctly is the foundation of a successful SEO campaign. The architecture of this content within your website plays a major factor in the final product. Implementing just one thing, like a blog, is not enough to position your site in line to rank with your desired keywords. Integration of the blog, videos, online pdf's, brochures and other website content into a strategic SEO architecture, correctly programmed and implemented in the site, is when you will see your results in rankings. At MJC, this is what we do every time. We start with a solid foundation of a correctly built website, programmed, designed and written for SEO and your targeted visitor, and continue with a monthly SEO growth program to continuously add and update content.

Integration is key to a successful SEO campaign and the sooner you start yours, the sooner you will have your search visibility.
Contact Matthew James Creative and allow us to assess your current website, search visibility and social media content. We can provide a short- and long-term solution specifically designed to your needs.

We include value added services into every long-term SEO contract
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"MJC designed and engineered a dynamic and interactive website for us and packaged in an SEO Growth Strategy that is positioning our company ahead of the competition on the internet. We consistently rank in the top two positions for our targeted keywords."
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