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MJC has been programming and developing SEO in Pittsburgh for companies nationally since 2006. Our customized SEO formula positions your company with search engines and drives qualified traffic to your website. Our successful formulas have been refined through time-tested SEO techniques and strategies. Our knowledge and commitment to continuing our SEO education, provide the ability to stay current with ever-changing search engine requirements. With MJC, you get a dedicated SEO team focused on your short- and long-term Internet goals. How do you rank?

A few Satisfied SEO Clients (Touch image to expose the goods!)

Shaw Stainless & Alloy
  • Developed Custom Proprietary E-Commerce Platform
  • Filtered non-qualified traffic and Increased qualified visitor traffic while lowering bounce rates
  • Organic leads consistently increased for over 12 months straight
  • 92% of tracked keywords rank on the first-page of search engines with 75% ranking in the top 3 positions
Penn Fencing
  • Developed a custom proprietary E-commerce platform
  • 500% increase in organic traffic from the start of the SEO program
  • 12-month consistent growth in monthly keyword ranking and organic traffic
  • 75% of tracked keywords rank on the first page of search engines in the top 10 positions
Universal Scaffolding
  • 450% increase in total search impressions within 1 week
  • 50+ First page rankings within 1 month
  • 50+ Multiple first-page keyword rankings within 2 months
  • 95% of tracked keywords rank on the first-page of search engines with 72% ranking in the top 3 positions
EIS Solar
  • 100% of primary keywords rank #1 locally and nationally
  • 1,555% increase in total traffic
  • 1,315% increase of users on site per month
  • 100% of tracked keywords rank on the first page of search engines, with 80% ranking in the top 3 positions

Rank Higher with Our Proven SEO Growth Program

We formulate proven SEO programs for any company, any product in any industry. Even if you love your current website and don’t want a redesign, we can implement a customized SEO program to help increase your qualified organic traffic. We correct and continually add content and programming needed to organically increase your keyword rankings, website visibility and qualified visitor traffic. We also deal with Google algorithm updates, making sure your website consistently meets all of the requirements needed to rank at the highest level. We provide better SEO results you can see and track. Guaranteed.

We know how search engines work

When we strategize and implement a customized SEO program for your website, we want to achieve 3 goals. Organically increase your website’s online visibility, organically increase your targeted keyword rankings, and organically increase your qualified visitor traffic. Organic traffic is the most sought-after traffic, most cost-effective, and best long-term solution in obtaining qualified visitors to your website.

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More First Page Rankings

We have proven SEO growth programs work for any industry. Local to national, we have ranked thousands of keywords for our clients. Our years of website experience has helped us become leaders in SEO services. Our proprietary SEO formula has helped us partner and provide customized SEO growth programs to various manufacturing, industrial, commercial, retail, and service companies.

faster seo results in pittsburgh

Faster Results

SEO designed to get results quickly, not in 6-months. We have short-term strategies to support your long-term goals.

worry free pittsburgh seo contracts

Worry-Free SEO Contracts

We know that when you see the results, you will continue the SEO program. Our 99% client retention rate means our clients are satisfied.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process of increasing and improving the quantity and quality of organic website traffic to specific website pages through search engines. SEO is an integrated technique where the goal is to harvest organic, or natural, search results from keyword phrases incorporated into your website through rich content, on-page and off-page SEO programming and other proprietary processes. Organically increased online visibility, keyword ranking, and qualified traffic positively affects on-line leads and sales.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is the number of visitors coming to your website from search engine results. Organic traffic is traffic obtained on your website from a search term / keywords or keyword phrase entered a search engine field such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. These individuals are looking for products, services or information based on their search terms. This traffic is not obtained through a PPC campaign / pay per click campaign or any form of online paid advertising. Organic traffic is the most sought after and best long-term solution in obtaining qualified visitors to your website.

Why MJC For Your SEO?

At MJC, we want a long-term relationship with you. We not only grow your keyword rank, online visibility and qualified traffic, we provide long-term SEO solutions that include tangible, value-added services. Our custom SEO growth packages include content copywriting, SEO backlink building strategies and custom managed website hosting services are available. We roll our sleeves up and do it right. Maybe that's why we have a 99% SEO customer retention rate. View some of our SEO reviews.

MJC's customized SEO Growth Programs are proven to help your company rank above your competition with internet search engines. We will strategically engineer an organic SEO Growth Program that will organically increase your keyword rankings and internet visibility to your target audience.

Get Found. Contact us today and start ranking above your competition.

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