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Many companies have realized that to stay competitive in today's marketplace, no matter the industry, one must establish an internet marketing budget that includes organic search engine optimization. Companies are jockeying for a higher ranking position for their strategically selected short- and long-tailed keywords. They do this to increase their visibility with their target audience and to grow global sales opportunities. Searching for "Solar Panels in Pittsburgh"? Type it in your Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other search field, hit enter, and wallah! Companies listed in hopes you click on their site description specifically written with you in mind. If you’re not doing it, climb aboard because your competitors are building their rank.

But what is SEO? Can you see it? How do you know what you're getting? How much should you pay? What do you look for when choosing an SEO company? This information will provide a better understanding of SEO and what to look for when searching for services from an SEO company in Pittsburgh.

Search Engine Optimization

Or, SEO, is a strategy affecting the visibility of a company's web pages in various search engines' natural/organic/unpaid keyword search results. The higher the rank for the specific short- or long-tailed keyword, the more visibility and opportunity for qualified visitors to click on and enter your website. The goal is to organically position your company higher than your competitors so you have the advantage to gain sales. To do this takes strategy, knowledge, time, and the right Pittsburgh SEO company.

Choosing the right SEO company in Pittsburgh

Choosing an SEO Company is a long-term commitment. Real SEO programs take time to implement, most having a minimum of a 1-year campaign. The good news is that if you see a return on investment, you know you're with the right SEO company. You can then continue with the program and your organic growth. This is why it is essential to find a company with a track record of proven client success that follows many of the practices below.

We'll make sure to get into what you need, but first, a brief expectation of your SEO campaign. A well-designed, strategic SEO Growth Program is implemented over a period of time. Many companies require a minimum of a 1-year contract, allowing for implementation of the on- and off-page strategies. Search engines place a higher value on websites positioned as resources- websites rich in profound and valuable content and chock full of industry information. Copy, pictures, charts, graphs, and PDFs are all good. These "resources" take time to build and should not be implemented all at once in a short period. In a well-orchestrated SEO campaign, you should see results within the first 30-60 days. This time frame allows consistent integration of the on- and off-page SEO and content marketing. We'll get to these in a moment.

When you meet with a prospective SEO company in Pittsburgh, here is a list of topics to discuss.

Website Assessment

Experienced SEO companies in Pittsburgh will provide an initial website assessment for you. The company should look for areas on your site where your on-page SEO can be improved and provide other recommendations on where the design, programming, and navigation can also be enhanced. If your website needs to be updated and better constructed, your SEO company might recommend a complete site rebuild. If this happens, speaking with a company specializing in designing and programming websites under the same roof is always beneficial.

Keyword Analysis

The foundation for building an SEO Growth Campaign lies within your company's short- and long-tailed keywords. These are the words and phrases prospective customers are most likely to type into their search field and surf the internet looking for your products and services. An example of a short-tailed keyword is "Compression Tooling." Whereas a long-tailed keyword is "Multi Tip Pharmaceutical Compression Tooling." This list begins with your direction, and the Pittsburgh SEO company will rely on you to give them your top keywords. These 30-100 keywords should be implemented throughout your site in various ways.

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis is a crucial baseline to ensure your keywords align with what your competitors are using for keywords to generate new business on the internet. These researched keywords should be cross-referenced, and a thorough SEO campaign should encompass select competitor and other validated industry keywords and phrases.

Content Marketing

A good Pittsburgh SEO company will have experienced SEO copywriters on staff. These writers implement your keywords into the page copy and other areas where search engines look and identify what content is on your site. This content-rich site creates a resourceful status with search engines. SEO copywriters will work alongside the SEO programmers to implement their strategies, positioning your site above the competition. If the company does not have an SEO copywriter on staff, look elsewhere.

On-Page Optimization

There are two halves to SEO. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO is a formula of keywords, SEO programming, and other content on your website domain. How the keywords are positioned on individual pages, titles, header tags, and body copy all play an exact role in the formula. If implemented incorrectly, you can hurt your rank more than help it. Adding to existing and expanding your content will help reinforce your status and help boost your rank. As search engines develop different ways of ranking your site, having industry- and product-rich content will always help position your domain.

Off-Page Optimization - Qualified Back-Links

The second half of a well-rounded SEO program is off-page SEO. These are the backlinks that you always hear about. Having qualified backlinks to highly ranked, resourceful sites with high domain ranking helps increase your traffic, rank, and visibility. Back links should be a consistent part of any SEO program, and as helpful as good back links are to your positioning, the bad or poorly rated back links will also hurt your rank.

Video SEO

Producing multiple product, training, manufacturing, and corporate videos and placing them on a company YouTube page has become the standard today. Not only do these videos help increase your visibility, but they will also help increase your rank if implemented correctly.

Case Studies/Results

Legitimate SEO companies in Pittsburgh should be able to provide their SEO program results through various individual case studies. Ask them for a few of their SEO clients and some of their most important keywords, and search for them yourself. If they have several clients that consistently rank high with their keywords, this might validate their capabilities.

You'll know you're with a good Pittsburgh SEO company when you see a consistent increase in rank with your web pages and an increase in qualified website traffic over several months. You'll be able to verify this by asking your new customers how they found you, and in the end, if you see a great return on investment, keep it going. Don't stop because your competition is still building their backlinks, adding content to their site, and building their rank. Much of today’s new business is started with a great SEO program. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your rank.

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