Or MJC for short, began in 2006 when we left our larger Pittsburgh advertising agency and corporate marketing jobs to form a partnership to create stronger, bigger branding. Like any manufacturer looking to produce the best product, we tapped into our resources and searched to assemble a dynamic, talented Pittsburgh advertising agency most dependable to keep the thinking caps on, stay up late nights, and do whatever it takes to produce the best advertising strategies and campaigns for our clients.

Creative Marketing Fused with Powerful Web Solutions

Creating Stronger, Bigger Brands

As one of the many advertising agencies in Pittsburgh, we have found our niche and have established many business partnerships. After countless projects, we are able to showcase our work to other prospective manufacturing, health care technology and industrial service companies. Experience is key, but in addition our creative team chemistry has helped produce the dynamic solutions to facilitate our clients needs. And so we grow. We try to practice what we preach- the client is always right, and great advertising comes from Matthew James Creative.

MJC Partners
Matt Loht
A savvy Internet strategist, Matt has been a leading digital media producer in Pittsburgh since 2002. Matt leads our interactive, web based solutions and custom SEO & SEM strategy teams producing innovative web based solutions with pioneering database functionality and tactical search visibility for industrial brands.
Jim Balog
An accomplished Marketing Executive providing powerful, game changing, branding ideas for Business to Business, Industrial Manufacturing and Health Care Technology Companies for more than 25 years. Jim leads our creative team providing marketing strategies and award winning creative.
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"MJC has been exceptional to work with, especially in their video production capabilities. On-time, on-budget and well produced. MJC takes care of the details and creates a great product!"
Michelle Leibow
McKesson Corporation

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