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Mobile users expect a different experience. They need relevant content that is easy to access and loads quickly. When a mobile user reaches a site that isn't mobile friendly, they are 5 times more likely to leave to use a competitors site that is mobile friendly. More than 1/3 of cell phone users are utilizing the web on their smartphones and tablets. There are over a Billion smartphone users worldwide.
Mobile usage will continue to rapidly grow to astonishing figures, surpassing desktop usage by 2014. Yet today, there are a surprising few amount of web development companies that truly understand Mobile Websites and Apps. Because of this, you’ll need a company that not only knows how to design, program and build mobile sites, but a company that knows how to communicate your brand to your target market.

Welcome to MJC’s Mobile Industrial Strength Branding.

Mobile Web Designers in Pittsburgh

Matthew James Creative strategizes, designs and develops Mobile Websites and Apps that achieve your goals and surpass your expectations. Whether you are in search of a mobile website to compliment your existing site or you are in need of both, we utilize our full service team of specialists from strategists to designers to programmers and combine our talents to provide you with a website and the service to exceed your and your prospective clients expectations. It’s Industrial Strength Branding on the go.

Mobile Website Programmers in Pittsburgh

We are custom desktop and mobile site creators. We are not template driven. We create mobile sites that capture & retain. Have you ever seen someone walking into a pole, building or fountain at the mall while they have their nose to their smartphone? They are probably looking at a mobile site we created. Well, not really, but we do design and program Mobile Websites to be very user friendly, extremely interesting and provide sales from your target markets. We efficiently develop mobile sites for multiple devices, so no worry there. Let’s face it. Mobile sites are constantly changing and we create them to communicate your message effectively while utilizing the latest technologies.

Responsive Web Design & HTML5

We can take your exsisting desktop website and mobilize it for those on the go. Or, we can condense and streamline your content managment and optimize your information with a Responsive Web Design architecture for all visitors on any device to easily read and navigate your site. No endless scrolling, no spinning wheels or complicated screen tap-dancing navigation. Your mobile site will provide the right information the right way. 

Website Designers in Pittsburgh

Want to redesign your main website first? We recommend it if your site isn’t utilizing todays on-page SEO techniques for optimal keyword search functionality. Our initial Industry Keyword Analysis will provide the information needed to report where your company and competition ranks and help us strategize a plan to help you achieve the highest on-page search rankings possible. Our formula provides the necessary guidance to simplify any workload on our clients. We partner with you to reorganize, redesign, reprogram and reenergize your brand on the internet.
Mobile Apps
We provide App design, programming & implementation for iPhones, Androids, Blackberry’s, Tablets and everything in between. We strategize, design, develop and test Apps so they work the way they should. Our strategists will take your vision with our team of dynamic programmers and put themselves in common and uncommon, real-life situations to make your dream become reality.  We’ll help position you as the new pioneers in your industry.
Why Matthew James Creative?
We want to retain you as a client as much as you want to retain yours. That’s why we have assembled a team of multi-talented and very creative strategists, designers and programmers. No shortcuts. We design, program and service our clients with 100% dedication to providing the best possible product to help you build your brand and surpass your short- and long-term goals. We want to wow you time and time again. We do it with knowledge, creativity and a passion that keeps driving us to create stronger, bigger brands.
MJC's mobile web designers and programmers simplify your mobile web navigation. We provide quick, thumb-friendly sites designed for visibility. If your mobile site is designed poorly, your new, hot lead just left and went to your competition.

Get Industrial Strength Branding—call MJC today.
Mobile Device Usage Statistics
Here are some general, mobile statistics to give you an idea of todays ever-growing mobile market:
MJC has the experience to assess your current desktop functionality, redesign and program your current website and design and program a mobile website to meet your objectives.
Get Industrial Strength Branding - Call MJC today. 412-508-8085

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Mobile Statistics
  • Mobile Phones in use worldwide: 5.9 Billion
  • Percentage of  mobile phones that are Smartphones: 1.08 Billion
  • At its current rate of growth, Mobile Internet will take over desktop usage by 2014
  • One half of all local searches are made through mobile devices
  • American mobile device users spend 2.7 hours a day socializing on their mobile device
  • 92% of mobile Internet access is to socialize
  • 79% of desktop Internet access is to socialize
  • 51% of mobile phone users are searching for something
  • 87% are using their smartphones while watching TV
  • 30% are open to scanning a mobile tag to get a coupon
  • More than 1/3 of Facebook users, or 200 million, use Facebook Mobile
  • There are 165 million Twitter users, 50% of them use Twitter Mobile
  • There are 200+ million YouTube views on mobile devices each day
  • By 2015 it is projected that there will be a mobile device for every person on earth
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"We are extremely pleased with our new website. MJC designed and programmed a dynamic site that effectively communicates the benefits of our products and scope of our engineering services to our target markets. Utilizing MJC's internet services for the past several years, MJC has provided a solid ROI. Our online sales volume has consistently increased and continues to grow with our new product offerings. That's why we use MJC for all of our Internet needs, including our SEO."
Mike Bredl
Universal Manufacturing