5 Great Manufacturing Company Resources You Should Bookmark

By Partner, Matthew James Creative

Since many of our clients are B to B and Manufacturing Companies, our staff researched and listed the top 5 manufacturing company resource sites. The list is not in any order, but we found these 5 to have the most resourceful information for everyday operations. We hope you find the sites informative and bookmark them for future reference.

#1 Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association

The Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association (PMA) is a great resource if you are a manufacturer in Pennsylvania or do business with a PA Manufacturer. The site focuses on Legal Reform, Education, Labor Issues, Energy, Business Taxes, Regulatory Reform, Workforce and other issues. There is a complete list of Statewide Resource Links, Studies and Reports, Library links and PA Legislative Links that provide the information you need to keep up to date with the current news, regulations and manufacturing forecasting in the state of Pennsylvania.

#2 Alliance for American Manufacturing

The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) website is in our top five list because it is a great resource to keep your company informed about issues with American Manufacturing. The website houses a Media Center with informative press releases and news. You can easily find and learn about what's happening in your state and local district with an Interactive Map and Zip Code Search Field Feature. The website discusses issues on Jobs, Tax Reform, American Security, Innovation, Workforce, Infrastructure and Boosting the U.S. Economy. There is a Research Section with multiple documents and videos discussing manufacturing topics with direct call-to-actions to your local governing representatives. The AMM is a non-profit, non partisan partnership formed by some of America's principal manufacturers and United Steelworkers. Keep it Made in USA with this site.

#3 National Association of Manufacturers

The National Association of Manufacturers makes the list of Top Manufacturing Websites because it houses an abundance of information for manufacturing companies on a national level. The site features complete sections of information on Corporate Finance and Management Issues, Health Care, Infrastructure, Labor, Legal Policy & Product Safety, Trade and Technology issues and beyond. There is also an impressive Data & Reports Section where you can find information on everything from Facts on Manufacturing to Global Manufacturing Economic Updates. Make sure you bookmark this site to keep important information handy for reference.

#4 The Association for Manufacturing Technology

The Association for Manufacturing Technology promotes U.S.-based manufacturing technology and the individuals that engineer, construct, sell and service the tools that enable production of manufactured goods. This site provides an abundance of information and contacts, but you must register to become a member. Workshops & Webinars, Safety Standards, Surveys, Articles, Research Trends and Data, and various Industry Contacts. This site makes the list because of the amount of specialized information that is available to its manufacturing members.

#5 National Federation of Independent Business

Although the National Federation of Independent Business website isn't specifically for manufacturing companies, It makes the list because it is a great resource to find information on a variety of National and Statewide small business topics ranging from the Economy, Healthcare, Government and Regulatory Reform, Tax issues, Marketing, Hiring and the Workplace, Insurance and many other topics. The site houses informative Business Videos with Feedback Forums and provides listings of events with links. There is a Voter Resources Section where, besides many other things, you can find out how congress voted. You can gain access to additional resources and obtain and take advantage of many other member benefits by signing up on the site.

Jim Balog is a marketing executive and Partner & Co-owner of Matthew James Creative, a Pittsburgh based, full-service advertising agency that specializes in website design and programming and SEO growth programs. A graduate of Duquesne University, Jim has more than 26 years marketing and advertising experience with B to B and industrial manufacturing brands.

Jim can be reached at jim@matthewjamescreative.com or
by calling 412-508-8085

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